Post doctoral fellows and students

Christine Fontaine

PhD Candidate
The effects of prenatal ethanol exposure on hippocampal bidirectional synaptic plasticity.
Alicia Meconi

Characterisation of a new model for pediatric concussion.
Julie Irwin

Pediatric neuropsychology, behavioural neuroscience, and mild traumatic brain injury.
Juan Trivino

PhD Candidate
Employing in vivo electrophyisiology to study alterations in neuronal function following repeated mild traumatic brain injury.
Cristina Pinar

Effects of Repeated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity.
Scott  Sawchuk

Electrophysiology techniques to observe and analzye biophysical processes.
Allison  Rodway

Physiological changes Post-Concussion.
Erika Shaw

Concussion assessment and performance training in athletes.
Connor Mabbott

BSc Honours
Immunohistochemistry to study cell death in the brain following prenatal ethanol exposure
Courtney Zoschke

BSc Honours
Effects of prenatal ethanol exposure on LTD in rats.
Elizabeth Brockman

BSc Honors Candidate
Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity
Samantha Kennedy

Medical School
NeuroTracker and multiple object tracking ability following concussion.
Waisley Yang

Effects of prenatal ethanol exposure on LTD in rats.