Dr. Rhodes was featured in an article, "Change Your Mind, Change Your Body"

<p>Dr. Rhodes was interviewed for an article, "Change Your Mind, Change Your Body - 5 ways to re-think exercise and achieve your fitness goals".</p> <p>The article was released in an online newsletter for adults who maybe aren't the most 'fond' of exercise! Check out his advice and tips on how to start shifting your thinking about physical activity so that you can stick to it - and maybe even start to enjoy it!&amp;#160; <a href="http://www.nextavenue.org/article/2014-03/change-your-mind-change-your-body#change%20your%20mind" title="change your mind change your body">http://www.nextavenue.org/article/2014-03/change-your-mind-change-your-body#change%20your%20mind</a></p>