Behavioural Medicine Lab

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What is the Behavioural Medicine lab?

The Behavioural Medicine (BMED) lab is a research lab (director: Dr. Ryan Rhodes) within the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education at the University of Victoria, Canada. Our mission is to produce and disseminate innovative and population-relevant physical activity and health research of the highest calibre within an environment that fosters collaboration, community, pride, and life balance.

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Ryan textbook Dr. Rhodes' co-authored textbook titled "Exercise Psychology - Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour" was recently published! This book focuses on the psychological effects of physical activity in a variety of populations. A unique part of this book is the emphasis on physical activity combined with a reduction in sedentary behaviour.

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An exciting new comprehensive review on the current state of physical activity research has been published in Psychology and Health. Here is the full citation:

Rhodes, R.E., Bredin, S,.S.D., Janssen, I., Warburton, D.E.R., & Bauman, A. (2017). Physical activity; Health impact, prevalence, correlates and interventions. Psychology and Health. 32(8), 942-975.

Dr. Rhodes recently published a paper on the Multi-Process Action Control model as an approach to understanding and increasing physical activity.

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A systematic review investigating the factors associated with participating in resistance training.

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