Flourishing Children & Youth Program Fair

Second Annual Program Fair: May 11th, 2023

On May 11th, 2023, the Centre for Youth and Society hosted the Second Annual Flourishing Children & Youth Program Fair. Organized in collaboration with the CRD Community Health Network, the program fair showcased community- and school-based programs and initiatives created to support children, youth, young adults and their families.

New additions to the program fair for this year include multiple workshops throughout the day, a youth-led panel discussion, and a larger venue to accommodate more booth presenters.

The program fair was a great opportunity to have educators, counsellors, community leaders, researchers, and students connect and learn from one another.

Thank you to everyone who attended!


Program Fair Agenda: 

8:30 am Opening and Booth Setting
9:00 am Greetings and Territory Acknowledgement by Elder Barb Hulme
9:15 am Main Address - "Children’s therapeutic riding and inclusive vaulting: The benefits of community-campus collaboration": by Viviene Temple (CFYS)
10:00 am

Panel - "Lessons from Recent Programs for Children and Youth" Panelists: Neil Cutler (Vancouver Island Crisis Society), Catherine Costigan (CFYS), Paulina Grainger (Inter-cultural Association of Greater Victoria), and Sean Rodman (Story Studio)
Moderator: Frederick Grouzet (CFYS)

Workshop #1 - Program Evaluation

11:00 am Program Fair - Morning Session
12:00 pm Health Break (Lunch to be Provided)  
1:00 pm

Panel - "Youth Perspective"
Panelists: Annika (Greater Victoria Volunteer Society), Hadeel (Inter-cultural Association of Greater Victoria), Jaden (Belmont Wellness Centre Youth Action Committee), Jules (Greater Victoria Volunteer Society), and Kai (Belmont Wellness Centre Youth Action Committee)
Moderators: Ethan and Natalie (CFYS Youth Council Coordinators)

2:00 pm Program Fair - Afternoon Session
3:00 pm

Workshop #2 - Grant and Funding Applications                     

Workshop #3 - Data and Metrics                                     

4:00 pm Closing Remarks by Frederick Grouzet

First Annual Program Fair

The 2022 Flourishing Children & Youth Program Fair took place on May 19th, 2022. The Centre for Youth and Society organized this program fair in collaboration with the CRD Community Health Network. This day also served as an opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Centre as a UVic research centre.

The Centre for Youth and Society and the CRD Community Health Network would like to thank everyone who attended and provided important feedback and suggestions. This information was compiled into the 2022 program fair report. Please see the 2022 program fair report here.