Jodie Walsh

Jodie Walsh
Operations Director/Research Coordinator
Office: SED C173

Jodie Walsh is the Operations Director and Research Coordinator at the Centre for Global Studies.

Jodie works closely with the Centre team to support the strategic direction of the CFGS and oversee Centre operations and activities. As of September 2016, Jodie added the duties of Operations Director to her portfolio to further support the strategic direction, deliver integrated operations, promote community outreach, and develop capacity for research development and integration.

Beyond this, her main duties include management of the Centre’s team, overseeing the fellowship program; planning and coordinating events including the Global Talk Signature series as well as larger workshop, symposia and conferences; supporting the logistics involved in grant proposals; and overall management and integration of Centre projects and activities.

Working at the University of Victoria since December 2010, Jodie has participated in a wide range of interdisciplinary projects at the university including management of the science oriented crowd-sourcing project, Digital Fishers. With her background in history, her overseas teaching in Thailand, and her passion for learning about the cultures of the world, Jodie feels like the Centre is a perfect fit.

In addition, she takes great enjoyment in running, biking, hiking (especially with the Scouts), and reading. She can't wait for her next travel adventure.

Jodie feels it is a true a privilege to work in the Centre's diverse community of change-makers, interdisciplinary scholars, and thought leaders.