Matilde Cervantes Navarette

Matilde Cervantes Navarette
Graduate Student Fellow

Matilde (Matty) Cervantes Navarrete (she/they) has a rich background in psychology and psychotherapy with 15 years of experience in private practice in México. Matilde has a Master of Sciences in Social Dimensions of Health from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts in Psychotherapy rom the Centro Ericksoniano de Mexico. Her research interests include planetary health, global peacebuilding, arts-based research, and the arts & health nexus. 

Matilde is part of the Global Pax Collective and works with multidisciplinary art approaches to contribute to global conversations in the community. She believes in art as a valuable tool to evoke social change in creative and collaborative ways. 

For her doctoral studies, Matilde is collaborating with Queer Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and their research will be exploring the benefits of Arts in Health, through participatory action research and arts interventions with intergenerational and life course approaches in Mexico and Canada.