Michelle-Lee Moore

Former Co-founder WIGG Lab, Research Associate & Strategic Faculty Advisor
POLIS Project

On leave

Michele-Lee Moore is an Assistant Professor in the University of Victoria’s Department of Geography.

In December 2012, she launched the Water, Innovation, and Global Governance (WIGG) Lab. Housed at the Centre for Global Studies, WIGG is a new collaborative initiative co-founded by Michele-Lee Moore and the POLIS project co-director Oliver M. Brandes.

She joined the POLIS team as a research associate and strategic advisor in September 2012. With a passion for creating positive transformative change and a belief that public policy and institutional structures and processes are the areas where she can best contribute to that change, Michele-Lee’s research focuses on global and local water governance, networks, social innovation, and resilience. Her current research program is examining how innovation in water governance is generated, supported, adopted, or institutionalized by Canada’s water-related activities at the global level.

Michele-Lee is also part of the Resilience Alliance Young Scholars (RAYS) research collective. Previously she worked with the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience, and at the B.C. Ministry of Environment. Michele-Lee holds a BSc in Ecology, an MSc in Geography, and a PhD in Global Governance.