Ania Javorski

Ania Javorski
2021-2022 POLIS Coordinator, Collaborative Water Monitoring Initiative

Ania Javorski was the Coordinator for the Collaborative Water Monitoring Initiative (CMI), which is a partnership between POLIS Water Sustainability Project, BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative, and Watersheds BC.* The primary objective of the CMI Coordinator is to improve outcomes for watersheds through the efforts of regional monitoring groups. Ania provides direct support for Indigenous and non-Indigenous regional collaborative initiatives to create a community of practice for Collaborative Water Monitoring in B.C. She also implements the recommendations identified by the Collaborative and the Water Monitoring and Reporting Initiative (WMRI) in coordination with an Advisory Network and informs provincial programs which ensures vertical integration and alignment between regional, provincial, and federal initiatives.

Ania received her MSc in Biology in the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies program from the University of Northern British Columbia. As an Environmental Research Consultant, she gained experience in data analysis, interpretation and reporting. She has developed and applied strong skill sets tracking environmental pollutants through water systems and watersheds. She has designed, managed, and implemented environmental monitoring programs and provided detailed, high-quality, long-term datasets and reports assessing the influence of land use change, population density, and sewage treatment on water quality in streams, rivers, and ocean tributaries of rapidly developing suburban watersheds. She assessed the impacts of both point and non-point pollutions sources on these aquatic environments and provided recommendations on monitoring and remedial actions.

Ania is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys canoe tripping in the summer and skiing in the winter with her husband and two daughters.

*BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative and Watersheds BC are both projects of MakeWay