Qian Liu

Qian  Liu
2018-2019 Graduate Student Fellow Alumni

Qian Liu was a CFGS Graduate Student Fellow from 2018-2019. Her doctoral research examined how the interaction of multiple legal orders affects Chinese leftover women’s choices in marriage and chlidbearing from the theoretical lens of legal pluralism, feminist legal theory, and postcolonial theory. Her fieldwork in China was supported by the International Development Research Center Doctoral Research Award. Qian utilized her Fellowship at CFGS to complete the writing of her dissertation. 

She completed her Ph.D. in Law and Society at the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria in 2020. Her research interests include family law, law and society, legal pluralism, feminist legal theories, sexual orientation and the law, qualitative research, and gender issues in China. Dr. Liu is the author of several articles including “Legal Consciousness of the Leftover Woman: Law and Qing in Chinese Family Relations,” which won the 2019 Asian Law and Society Association Graduate Student Article Award. Her doctoral research was featured by BBC World News in 2017. Dr. Liu has been qualified to practice law in China since 2009.