Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson
2013-2014, 2017-2018 Former Visiting Graduate Student
Bart Simpson is a Genie Award-winning filmmaker, and currently a PhD student at the Edinburgh College of Art - University of Edinburgh. He is interested in films that evoke, entertain and engage public debate. 

Bart’s research explores humanist tendencies in documentary practice. His research will culminate in a documentary about the impact of utopian urban planning in Brasilia: Life After Design. 

Past works as producer include feature documentaries The Corporation (2004, winner at over 25 festivals including Sundance, Toronto and International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam), Moebius Redux (2007), following the life and work of comic book artist Jean “Moebius” Giraud, and Bananas!* (2009), about a landmark court case between Nicaraguan banana workers and Dole Food. 

During the release of Bananas!*, Dole attempted to block the film from being seen and sued the filmmaking team. These events were captured in a ‘sequel’, Big Boys Gone Bananas!* (2012, Sundance). 

Bart has spoken internationally on issues of documentary aesthetics, ethics and practice, and is a past National Chairperson of the Documentary Organization of Canada.