Thanh Phan

Thanh Phan
2015-2016 Former Graduate Student Fellow
Centre for Global Studies

Thanh Phan has been working at the Vietnam Competition Agency (VCA) since 2006 as an expert in competition law enforcement, after a two-year appointment at the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam. At the VCA, Thanh’s oversees M&A in Vietnam, focusing on cases involving transnational mergers, and he serves as an antitrust investigator. Thanh has been a member of the Vietnamese delegation negotiating FTAs, such as Vietnam-EU or Vietnam-Customs Union FTAs. Thanh often gives lectures to the business community in Vietnam on competition law compliance and has been active in the law-making process as permanent member of the drafting board of the Consumer Protection Law of Vietnam (2008-2010). He received an honorable award of the Minister of Industry and Trade in 2011 for his contribution. Thanh is a member of a regional think-tank on competition law and policy.

He is currently a PhD candidate at University of Victoria where he is researching the extraterritorial application of competition law. Thanh's research focuses on the current legal regime governing violations of a state's extraterritorial laws abroad, which have substantial effects within the state's territory. This is an interdisciplinary study which involves law, international relations, and corporate governance.

Thanh's work contributes to the legal implications of transnational and cross-border problems. It will be an important contribution to the literature on jurisprudence as well as transnational business law.     

Home institution, department: Vietnam Competition Authority

Professional/Academic position: Competition law investigator

Languages: Vietnamese, English, Japanese

Recent Publications:

1. The Banknetvn and Smartlink Merger Exemption: The First Merger Case to Take the Effects-Based Approach in Vietnam, International Antitrust Bulletin, July 2015.

2. The Urgency for Vietnamese Firms to Introduce Competition Law Compliance Program, International Antitrust Bulletin, May 2014.  

3. The Viettel - EVN Telecom Merger Case: an Administrative Order to Deal with a Competition Case in The Market Economy, Journal of Fair Trade of Japan 2013.