Uta Klein

Uta Klein
2015-2016 Former Visiting Research Fellow

Uta Klein joined the Centre in June, 2015 as a summer visiting research fellow.

She is a Professor of sociology at CAU (Christian-Albrechts-Universität) in Kiel (since 2009). She is also head of the Gender Research Group (renamed: centre of gender and diversity studies), guest lecturerer University of Graz/Austria annually. Her research interests include Gender Studies, Diversity Studies, Gender Equality Policies in the EU, Antidiscrimination / Diversity Policies, Gender Arrangements in European countries, and Israeli Society.

During her time here, Uta gave a Global Talk on the experiences of discrimination in German institutions of higher education. Specifically, the problems involved in the design of a study of diversity/discrimination (the definition and operationalisation of, for instance, the term “immigration background” or the ambivalence of categorization at all), as well as the various risks, sources and contexts of discrimination.