Bikrum Gill

Bikrum Gill
2012-2016 Former Visiting Research Fellow
Centre for Global Studies
Office: Sedgewick C186

Bikrum Gill is is a Phd Candidate in the Department of Political Science at York University in Toronto and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Studies. He has a wide range of research interests and expertise in a variety of fields, including political economy, political ecology, international relations, development studies, critical race theory, transnational feminisms and postcolonial studies.  Applying a critical approach to the study of the global dimensions of ecology, violence, conflict, inequality, migration, and poverty, Bikrum has conducted research within, and across, a variety of regions, including South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, North America and South America. For his PhD dissertation, Bikrum is examining the developmental implications of growing South-South linkages in the fields of agricultural investment and co-operation, with a particular focus on the involvement of the Indian state and capital in the commercialization and industrialization of agriculture in Africa.  

Bikrum’s reasearch interests are fundamentally informed by a larger commitment to pressing contemporary issues of social and ecological justice.  Besides research, he has looked to act upon this commitment through community organizing, activism, and arts.  Based on his experience as both a student and teacher at the university level, Bikrum  has acquired much appreciation for the power of pedagogy in advancing projects of social and ecological justice.