Christopher Rose

Christopher Rose
2013 Former Visiting Research Fellow
Christopher was a visiting Master’s student from the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, BC. Enrolled in the interdisciplinary stream of the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Graduate Program, his research explores community-driven watershed governance processes and institutions in British Columbia with the aim of documenting recent governance change and the implications of watershed-scale decision-making.

Chris is also a research assistant for the co-chaired UNBC-Northern Health Authority “Ecohealth and Watersheds” Knowledge to Action project, exploring the links between environment, community and health in the context of watersheds in Northern British Columbia. His work involves research and writing, including Northern Health’s most recent “Position on the Environment as a context for Health”, as well as workshop design and support.

Chris is a native of Quebec and received his B.A. from McGill’s School of Environment in 2008. Following completion of this degree, he undertook an internship in Northern Quebec in the areas of natural resource and land-use planning. Chris subsequently worked for the Nature Conservancy in Montreal and The Land Conservancy in British Columbia. Chris enjoys cycling, fishing, snowsports and being outside.