Adam Molnar

Adam Molnar
2013-2014 Former Graduate Student Fellow
Adam Molnar is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria, and a fellow at the Centre for Global Studies. His research interests focus on public safety security governance, surveillance, policing, and national security.
On the topic of (1) Urban Public Safety Governance, he examines security and policing at major sporting events, and urbanization of security more generally. His key areas of study on this topic address converging trends between national security and local law enforcement initiatives, emergency management, counter-terrorism policies, public-order policing, civilian-military relations, public video surveillance, and private security. On the topic of (2) Technology and Policing, he examines intelligence-led policing, integrated models of security and policing, and law enforcement practices of surveillance, particularly with policing and Web 2.0 environments. He also has an ongoing interest in (3) Surveillance and Privacy, where he examines the legal and normative implications of a range of information communication technologies and privacy. In particular, he addresses socio-technical practices of surveillance and the implications of these practices on political, legal, and economic relations of governance.

Adam has published articles in Geographical Journal, The Journal of Law, Information, and Science, and has book chapters and public reports in these areas. His research has been funded by SSHRC, The New Transparency Project, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s contributions programs, civil advocacy organizations, and he regularly presents nationally and abroad to academics, media, and government authorities. In the fall of 2013 he will starting a postdoctoral fellowship at the Queen’s University Surveillance Studies Centre.