Anita Girvan

Anita Girvan
2013, 2015-2017 Former Visiting Research Fellow & Global Talks Facilitator
Centre for Global Studies
Anita Girvan is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Global Studies on traditional Coast and Straits Salish territory. After a 1-year visiting faculty position at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, Anita is returning to UVic where she is currently finishing a book entitled Carbon Footprints as Cultural and Ecological Metaphors, under contract with Routledge Publishing. Her research interests include: cultural politics of climate change; ecological metaphors; climate justice; water stories and politics; post colonialism; political ecology; and environmental humanities. Her newest project - entitled "Trickster Carbon" - explores trickster stories from her Caribbean cultural moorings as an alternative to colonial understandings of carbon which attempt to trap, sequester and manage an inherently unruly and ambivalent carbon. Anita is also sessional faculty with the School of Environmental Studies where she teaches Political Ecology.
In her current teaching practices and in her role as Global Talks Facilitator with the Centre for Global Studies, Anita is particularly interested in learning from and moving through this particular potential 'decolonial' moment as a way of re-connecting with fraught histories and re-imagining alternative life-enriching and inclusive futures.