Deborah Curran

Deborah Curran
2013 Former Faculty Fellow

Deborah is the Hakai Professor in Environmental Law and Sustainability at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law. Within the sustainability envelope her focus is on local government legal and policy approaches, sustainability infrastructure systems such as the Agricultural Land Reserve, community governance, and adapting water law for the 21st Century. She teaches courses on municipal law and real property transactions, as well as the Environmental Law Clinic – Intensive course. She also facilitates a unique field course in environmental law in the Central Coast at the Hakai Beach Research Institute on Calvert Island. As a Program Director with the Environmental Law Centre at UVic, Deborah supervise students working on environmental law projects for community organizations and First Nations.

Her work with the Centre for Global Studies will be to complete an edited book (with Oliver Brandes) on legal and policy responses to the failure of legal water entitlements. Contributors include authors from Europe, Western North America (primarily Alberta, B.C., and Oregon), and Australia.