Michaelangelo Anastasiou

Michaelangelo Anastasiou
2013 Former Graduate Student Fellow
Michaelangelo was born and raised in Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. At the age of 17 he moved to Portland, Oregon in the U.S. where he completed a BA in Music and an MA in Sociology. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Victoria.

Having been raised in an ethnically divided and traditional society that underwent rapid modernization, and having subsequently lived in North America, Michaelangelo has developed a keen interested in the experiential and discursive intersection between tradition and modernity, and nationalism and supranationalism.

His research interests include: democracy and globalization; global political economy; nationalism and supranationalism; social movements; power; and consciousness. He is currently conducting a cross-regional comparative analysis between NAFTA and the EU. The project seeks to understand whether and in what capacity the social, economic, political and institutional makeup of each respective transnational institution affects supranational democratic engagement and supranational conceptions of identity. While the project is empirically oriented and utilizes statistical methodology, it also engages with meta-theoretical questions concerning the procurement of legitimation, the construction of identities and the articulation of hegemonies, in globalized modernity.