Drugs and driving

A still from the drugs and driving app
The interactive drugs and driving app explores impairment from different substances, as well as social capital within a students' network

Drugs and driving is a resource for grade 10-12 classrooms designed to promote literacy about the impact of alcohol and other drugs on perception, coordination and other aspects of safe driving. The resource features a range of dialogue-centred learning activities, web apps and a free iPhone app to inform students as they develop a social marketing strategy for addressing drug-impaired driving in their community.

During each of the six 1-hour lessons, students are invited to explore the complex mix of factors that may influence a person’s decision to drive after using alcohol or other drugs. Students also learn about the role individuals and groups can play in influencing the thinking and behaviour of others, and strategies and tools for changing unhealthy social norms among their peers.

• Am I good to go? (iPhone app)
• Drugs and driving (website)
• Drugs and driving: Facilitator’s guide
• Drugs and driving: Guide for community coalitions