New iMinds gambling lessons

A screenshot of the Charlotte's Web iMinds lesson
A screenshot of the Charlotte's Web iMinds lesson.

CISUR's Helping Schools project has developed 20 new gambling lesson plans to be used in BC classrooms.

Some of the new lessons aim at younger students and use well-known children’s stories (e.g., The Giving Tree) and games (e.g., What Time is it Mr. Wolf?). Others are designed for older students and explore historical, literary, and philosophical pieces (e.g., the history of horse racing, and Tolstoy's How much land does a man need?). The lessons feature important concepts such as risk, choice, greed, and responsibility. The lesson plans and other material fit well within the scope of British Columbia’s K-12 curriculum with its emphasis on core and curricular competencies.

iMinds is about maximizing young people's drug literacy and gambling literacy—the knowledge and skills they need to survive and thrive in a world where caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, other drug use and gambling are common. The goal is to encourage students to both express and think critically about their current drug- and gambling-related beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

Visit the iMinds website to explore gambling and drug lessons by grade and subject matter and download PDFs.