Alcohol warning labels about cancer risk a Canadian first

photo of CISUR's new alcohol warning labels affixed to bottles in the Whitehorse liquor store
CISUR's new alcohol warning labels will be tested publicly in the Whitehorse liquor store

Starting today, warning labels cautioning consumers about the link between alcohol use and an increased risk of breast and colon cancer will be applied to all bottles and cans sold at the Whitehorse liquor store. This specific labelling, part of the Northern Territories Alcohol study led by the University of Victoria’s Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR, formerly CARBC) and Public Health Ontario (PHO), is a first for Canada.

We commend the Yukon Liquor Corporation for having the courage to be the first jurisdiction in Canada to provide more detailed labels for its residents

CISUR director Tim Stockwell,
one of the project’s co-investigators

Researchers say that findings from this study will provide results that government and other public health practitioners can use to inform current and future alcohol harm reduction strategies in communities in Yukon as well as in other jurisdictions in Canada.     

The comprehensive labels give details of Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelines as well as cancer risks. 

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