Health and Regenerative Medicine Hackathon

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Health and Regenerative Medicine Hackathon!! We had some very thought out and innovative solutions from all the Hacker teams this year. Thank you to our collaborators, the BC Regenerative Medicine Network for their support in planning this event and for hosting in Vancouver.

Thank you to our sponsors Viatec, the Micheal Smith Foundation for Health Research and Entrepreneurship@UBC for their generous support which was crucial to host this event. Also a big thank you to Uvic's Dean of Science and Dean of Enigneering offices, Starfish Medical, Victoria Makerspace and the UVic Vikes and their partners for their support. 

 The Health and Regenerative Medicine Hackathon Victoria Hackers and Judges

The Hackers from Victoria for the Health and Regenerative Medicine Hackathon 2019

Winning teams in Victoria

First Place: PAW Device Team - Victoria Hand Project challenge

Team members: Kim Arklie, Natalie Koehn, Jacky Le, Jacqui Moreland

Second Place (prize sponsored by Micheal Smith): De Novo - Reduction of single use plastic in health care challenge

Team members: Vanessa Chan, Emma Darby, Danny Jacobsen, Gerrit van Rensburg, Liam Welgan-Gunn

Third Place: The Terminators - Victoria Hand Project challenge

Team members: Aesha Amir, Baraa Daoud, Kate Forrest, Alastair Graham, Jenessa Higgs, Noushin Nabavi



What is a Hackathon? :

A ‘traditional’ hackathon is an event where programmers get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project. Typically, participants have 24-48 hours to consecutively work on the challenge with the goal of delivering a completed product/project at the end of that time period.

What makes a Health Hackathon unique? :

There are several properties of a Health Hackathon that differentiate it from a more traditional hackathon:

  • The health industry is largely multidisciplinary so it stands to reason that competing teams should be as well. Participants come from a variety of backgrounds including engineering, science, business, nursing and medicine.
  • As health related projects are often large in scope with many complex components, the Health Hackathon lets teams work on their challenges for 3 weeks leading up to the 24 hour hacking session.
  • At the end of the Hackathon, the goal is to have tangible solution that could potentially be implemented in industry. One way to promote this is to have a team of mentors to answer questions and provide insights to the competing teams.



Contact Laila Abelseth at if there are any questions regarding this event.

We would like to thank our early event sponsor for their generous donations.

Gold Level Sponsors

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Viatec has graciously donated their space for the second year and we cannot thank them enough for allowing us the opportunity to hold this event at their Fort Tectoria.

Silver Level Sponsors

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We want to thank the Micheal Smith Foundation for Health Research and Entrepeneurship@UBC for their generous donation to support this event and provide team prizes. 

Other Sponsors

We would also like to thank the Victoria Makerspace, the UVic Dean of Science office, Uvic Dean of Engineering office, Starfish Medical and the UVic Vikes, along with their partners, for their support of this event.

Want to sponsor this event? Please contact the BCRegMed program manager Lisa Borecky; or 604-675-8000 Ext. 7764.

On September 6th we will hold a kickoff event at Uvic where  5 challenges will be presented to the hackers and they can create teams. The teams have until the hacking weekend to think about their approach to challenges. During this period, we will have a team of mentors who will answer questions about the challenges during that time.

The hackathon itself will take place at Fort Tectoria October4th-6th with the solutions being judged on Sunday with an awards ceremony to follow.

Friday, 4 October
6:00 - 7:00 PM Mingle, Food and Refreshments
7:00 PM  Offical Presentation outlining all guidelines
7: 30 PM to Saturday 6:00 PM - Hacking

Saturday, 5 October
Hacking all day until 6:00 PM

Sunday, 6 October
10:30 AM Presentations, Judging and Awards with Brunch

The most important thing to have is enthusiasm for tackling important health related challenges! 

Information from the kick-off (Sept 6th, 2019):

Hackathon Challenge Presentation

Additional resources for Plastic Reduction Challenge:



Inspiration for Victoria Hand Project Challenge: