Astronomy Open House

UVic 0.8m telescope

You say you do not know a red dwarf from a black hole? A giant star from a globular cluster? Well here's your chance to discover everything you've wanted to know about the sky. Everyone is welcome to visit the UVic observatory. 

Targets to view through the UVic 0.8m telescope may include planets, nebulae, and star clusters. The UVic 0.8m telscope is one of the largest optical telescopes on any Canadian university campus.

Astronomy students operate the telescopes on clear nights and explain to visitors about about observed images. On rainy/cloudy nights, the students host question/answer sessions,  and explain pictures found on APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) in more detail.

When: Wednesdays

  • 8-10 p.m. October-April
  • 9-11 p.m. May-August
  • except for the last two weeks of December

Where: 5th floor Bob Wright Centre

For futher information, please contact the Department of Physics and Astronomy at 250-721-7700.