Three researchers standing in front of parliament buildings
Drs. Neena Chappell, Scott Hofer and Cecilia Benoit in Ottawa at their induction to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

The Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (IALH), formerly the Centre on Aging, is a network of individuals commited to improve the health and quality of life of an increasingly diverse population of older adults.

Research affiliates: Our affiliates are actively involved in aging-related research and can be found at the University of Victoria and elsewhere around the world.

Research staff: Please contact our in-house research staff for information on the wide variety of research projects on which they are working.

Front office staff: Institute staff can be found in the main office in R Hut on the University of Victoria campus in Victoria, BC. Our Ladner office focuses on the research and delivery of the Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP). Meet our Ladner office staff.

Governance: The Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health is governed by an advisory board.