Advisory board

COAG Advisory Board
Our advisory board in February 2014. Top row L-R: Scott Hofer, Stuart MacDonald, Patrick McGowan, Beverly Timmons. Middle row L-R: Star Weiss, Lori McLeod, John Tomczak, Michael Miller. Bottom row L-R: Judy Brownoff, Bev Wilden, Holly Tuokko. Not pictured: Peter Keller, Bernie Paillé, Julie Shaver, Martin Wale.

The Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health is advisory board provides input and direction for the policies and activities of the Institute. Its members serve a five-year term with a maximum term of 10 years. A minimum of two individuals on the board must be seniors and the board is comprised of 14 voting members who represent academic staff, government, the community sector, and individuals with an interest in research on aging.

Name Representing
Bev Wilden (past chair) Community
Brian Christie Faculty
Debra Sheets Faculty
Elizabeth Borycki Faculty
John O Anderson UVic Retiree representative (observer)
Judy Brownoff Community (government)
Julie Shaver Government (ex-officio)
Lisa Kalynchuk Associate VP Research
Lori McLeod Community (non-government)
Martin Wale (chair) Island Health 
Michael Masson Associate Dean
Patrick McGowan Faculty (ex-officio)
Ryan Rhodes Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (ex-officio)
Scott Hofer Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (ex-officio)

The advisory board can be