Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy

The Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy supports Canadian research excellence by promoting sound Research data management (RDM) and data stewardship practices.

The policy requires post-secondary institutions eligible to administer Tri-Agency funding to have an institutional RDM strategy publicly available by March 1 2023.

UVic Research Data Management Strategy

Research data management refers to the processes applied throughout the lifecycle of a project to guide the collection, documentation, storage, sharing and preservation of data resulting from research and other scholarly or creative work.

The RDM Strategy describes the university’s commitment to promoting and supporting researchers with research data management, including creating data management plans, storing and curating research data throughout a project, and depositing data with a data repository for long-term management and preservation, in ways that are consistent with ethical and legal obligations.

UVic Research Data Management Strategy — Draft for consultation

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Research computing

RDM Strategy development

RCAC RDM Sub-committee membership 2022

Co-chairs: Rachael Scarth – AVPRO and Lisa Goddard – Associate University Librarian

Research Services
Eugenie Lam – Manager Research Ethics, Nicole Kitson – Manager Research Grants

Monique Grenier – Interim Data Curation Librarian, Zahra Premji – Health Research Librarian

Wency Lum – AVP University Systems and CIO, Ryan Enge – Assoc Director Research Computing Services, Ryan McRonald – Information Security Office

Bradley Weldon – Chief Privacy Officer

AVPRO Assistant

Next Steps

  • Campus feedback on the draft RDM Strategy:
  • Consult with UVic Indigenous leadership on the Indigenous data sovereignty considerations
  • Evaluate the RDM resources available to support the launch of specific RDM requirements in funding programs 2022–23
  • Plan capacity building events for DMP development