Fee reduction appeals

The graduate and undergraduate Fee Reduction Appeals Committees (FRAC) consider requests from students for reduction of fees due to (a) illness, family affliction, accident or other compelling circumstances, and (b) administrative errors.

For more information on FRAC and what they do, see the Terms of Reference.

Appeal deadlines

The Undergraduate committee meets every 4-6 weeks. Submissions are due eight days prior to the meeting. Decisions are communicated within one week after the committee meets.

The next Undergraduate committee meeting is on the following date:

  • Friday, October 28, 2022, with a submission deadline of Thursday, October 20, 2022.

The Graduate committee meets as and when needed. There is no submission deadline for appeals to the Graduate committee.

Before the academic drop deadline

If you dropped your course after the 100% fee reduction deadline and you believe you have grounds for a fee reduction, contact the appropriate unit.

After the academic drop deadline

If you did not drop the course and the academic drop deadline has passed, submit a request for academic concession.

In alignment with the new calendar guidelines, approved Withdrawals (WE) and Drops at the undergraduate level will no longer be automatically forwarded to FRAC for fee consideration. Students who choose to appeal to FRAC directly for an undergraduate course in which a WE or Drop is assigned will not be approved.

These changes are effective on November 1, 2022.

Work is underway to determine if there are specific circumstances under which a student may be eligible to request an exception and receive a fee reduction, and develop an exceptions process for these requests. Once available, information on this request for exception process will be available on this web page.

Fee reduction deadlines

Before initiating a fee reduction appeal, make sure that you understand the following fee reduction deadlines:

  • At the beginning of each term, there is a time period where courses may be dropped via your Online tools without owing tuition (100% fee reduction deadline). Registration in a course after the 100% fee reduction deadline incurs a tuition debt even if that course is dropped immediately.
  • Once the 100% fee reduction deadline has passed, students must pay 50% of the tuition for the course.
  • After the 50% fee reduction deadline, students must pay 100% of the tuition for the course.

Tuition fee errors

If you believe a fee listed on your student account has been assessed in error, contact Tuition Fees.

Submit an appeal to FRAC

If you have extenuating circumstances or if you believe an administrative error occurred beyond your control, submit your appeal using the fee reduction appeal form. Send the form, along with supporting documentation to:

Fee Reduction Appeals Committee
c/o Tuition Fees
Main Floor, University Centre