Faculty and staff bookings

Beginning on September 9, 2020, the Office of the Registrar (OREG) is pleased to be able to begin accepting limited space booking requests for activities directly in support of academic classes. This may include:

  • Lecture filming (asynchronous content for online classes)
  • One-off live streaming events (synchronous classes)
  • Approved face-to-face courses that need to meet outside regularly scheduled class times
  • Small capacity tutorials (maximum 20 individuals incl. instructor)
  • Accommodation requests via the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
  • Thesis defenses
  • Extended/supplementary class time (for approved face-to-face classes only)
  • Make-up classes or exams (for approved face-to-face classes only)
  • Midterm review sessions
  • One-on-one oral exams
  • Office hours (where the instructor's office does not provide adequate space for a physically distanced in-person meeting with a student)

The following activities cannot be accommodated at this time:

  • Department meetings
  • Workshops & guest speakers
  • Academic conferences or other special events
  • Breakout rooms for approved on-campus classes*

*Note that breakout rooms are currently not possible due to the limited number of classrooms for which approved safe work plans are in place.

Once all necessary procedures, safety protocol, and required safe work plans are in place for these priority bookings, OREG and Occupational Health, Safety, & Environment will work together to prepare to accept additional academic and non-academic space bookings with a goal of resuming these bookings later in the fall.

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