Information table & bake sale bookings

Lobby space for information tables or bake sales may be booked by signing authorities of student Clubs, Course Unions, and Advocacy Groups ratified by the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS), Graduate Students’ Society (GSS), and/or Athletics and Recreation Services (ATRS). Faculty and staff may also request lobby space using this form.


1. Clubs must be registered

Clubs and course Unions and advocacy groups must be registered and ratified by the UVSS, GSS or ATRS before space booking requests will be reviewed.

2. Information table usage

To ensure fair access to space, each student group may only book 3 information tables per term.

Information Tables are available for distributing information and may be used to sell tickets to fundraisers.  No posters or banners for events involving bars or alcohol are permitted at these tables.

3. Signage and advertising

Signage, advertising or promotional materials at the table booking shall be in accordance with applicable university policies including but not limited to the university:

  • Discrimination and Harassment policy (GV0205);
  • Building Usage Policy - including Poster Regulations (BP3105);
  • Strategic Alliances policy (FM5110); and
  • Liquor policy (AD2400).

4. Table provision and set-up

  • Only one table may be used per booking.  If a student group wishes to have a table delivered to a lobby, this request must be submitted to the UVSS General Office, Graduate Students Society, or Athletics & Recreation Services. 

  • Tables must be set up so that they do not impede traffic flow in the corridors or block doorways or exits. A lobby plan will be emailed to you with the booking confirmation for furniture placement purposes.

5. Bake sale restrictions

1. To provide fair access to space, each student group may only book 3 bake sales per term. No student group will be permitted to hold a bake sale without a confirmed booking; any group found to have held a bake sale without a confirmed booking may have their room booking privileges revoked.
2. Bake sales are not permitted within the same building as an on-campus food outlet.
3. A Bake Sale may only sell baked goods and must not sell other commercial-type food (Tim Hortons, Starbucks, etc., or any storebought items). The sale or service of alcohol is prohibited.
4. Products requiring heat or refrigeration are not permissible for sale.
5. Persons supplying food must have a clear record of who prepared each product for sale.
6. Products for sale must include a list of all ingredients.
7. Products for sale must be covered or wrapped in saran wrap.
8. Student groups offering food for sale are responsible for:
  • observing good personal hygiene;
  • ensuring that all food sold at a bake sale is protected from contamination and stored, handled, prepared, displayed and dispensed in a sanitary manner; and
  • displaying a sign that is clearly visible to the consumer stating that “THIS FOOD HAS BEEN PREPARED IN A KITCHEN THAT IS NOT INSPECTED BY A REGULATORY AUTHORITY.”
9. Groups that wish to give out free food are expected to follow the guidelines outlined above.

6. Commercial vendors

Commercial vendors or materials advertising commercial services or businesses are not permitted unless authorized by the university’s Corporate Relations department or another appropriate authority within the university.

7. Usage restrictions

  • Student Groups that have been permitted to book a table shall only use the space for the approved purposes and times.

  • Booked tables may only be used by the student group approved to use the table and cannot be transferred to another group.

8. Cancellation without notice

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the university may cancel the booking without notice.

Information tables

  • Clearihue Building - Lobby (CLE)
  • David Strong Building - Lobby (DSB)
  • Elliot Building - Lecture Wing (ELL)
  • Engineering/Computer Science Building - Lobby (ECS)
  • Social Sciences and Math Building - Lobby (SSM)
  • MacLaurin Building - Lobby (MAC)
  • Bob Wright Centre - Lobby (SCI)

Bake sales

  • Clearihue Building - Lobby (CLE)
  • David Strong Building - Lobby (DSB)
  • Elliot Building - Lecture Wing (ELL)
  • Engineering/Computer Science Building - Lobby (ECS)
  • Social Sciences and Math Building - Lobby (SSM)

Use this form to submit table or bake sale booking requests at least 3 business days in advance of the requested booking time. Please ensure you submit your booking in time to order a table if needed.


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Will you be using any services or materials from a third party provider during this booking?