Sustainable Procurement

UVic’s Purchasing Services team strives to make procurement decisions that are financially, socially, and environmentally responsible. The EcoVadis pilot project, financed by the Campus Sustainability Fund, will enable Purchasing Services to evaluate and improve the sustainability performance of UVic’s trading partners.

Purchasing Services’ sustainable procurement initiative supports the commitment to global leadership in environmental, social, and institutional sustainability that is articulated in UVic’s Strategic Framework. It also supports the upcoming Climate and Sustainability Action Plan. This initiative has two important goals. The first is to improve the sustainability performance of UVic’s supply chain. The second is to ensure that suppliers meet the requirements of UVic’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

UVic has selected EcoVadis, a global services provider of business sustainability ratings, to conduct individual sustainability performance assessments of our key supply chain partners. EcoVadis provides sustainability ratings based on an analysis of relevant supplier policies, practices, and results. The assessment focuses on 21 sustainability criteria that are grouped into four themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

EcoVadis’ expertise in corporate social responsibility enables them to produce internationally comparable ratings and detailed scorecards that highlight the strengths and improvement areas of supplier performance. The ratings enable cooperation between buying organizations and the assessed suppliers to improve the social and environmental impacts of their supply chain. UVic aims to work with suppliers that demonstrate holistic sustainability and to collaborate with these suppliers to address improvement areas that have been identified in the EcoVadis reports, thereby developing stronger working relationships with our trading partners.