Promotional materials


We can produce labels for your audio and visual tapes, cds or almost anything that needs a sticky label. Labels are available on pre-fabricated sheets or can be cut down to your specifications from crack n’ peel stock.

Printing Services also produces campus distribution labels. Labels can be ordered for CUPE 951, CUPE 917, F/T P/T Faculty, plus deans and directors.


Need tickets for your event or raffle? Depending on the finished size of your tickets, set them four or six up on one 8½" x 11" sheet to save paper and money. If you prefer, we can set up your tickets for you for a nominal fee. Please be sure to include cut marks so we know where to cut your tickets.

Using a paper colour with a red tone in it will make it close to impossible for anyone to reproduce a ticket surreptitiously. A good security measure!


Calendars can be produced to give faculty and students departmental-specific dates and events or as a take-away from a special event. They can also be folded and stitched into a booklet or spiral bound and drilled so it can be hung on a wall.

The english language centre produces fabulous souvenir calendars for all of their ESL students. Complete with photos, birthday notations and autograph pages, their students love them!


Notepads can be printed 8½" x 11", 8½" x 5½" or to your own specifications. We add a cardboard backing to all printed notepads unless otherwise specified. Our standard is to glue pads with 100 sheets per pad; please specify if you prefer a different quantity.

If hosting a conference or seminar, consider having your event or departmental logo at the top with printed lines underneath for note-taking.