F2F Teaching and instruction

Note: information on this page is subject to change and is current only as of this date: September 2, 2020

COVID safe work protocols to support face-to-face (f2f) teaching and experiential learning have been developed to ensure safe access and use of shared learning spaces for approved f2f courses, including: general classrooms, teaching laboratories, computing facilities, studios and other specialized facilities.

Please review the information below for more details about the safety protocols, plans and instructions for the various types of f2f classroom facilities. An overview of general classroom safety protocols is also available for instructors and students to view as a PDF slide deck.

Centrally-booked classrooms

For those f2f courses where units are requesting general classroom space from the Registrar, most of those courses have now been booked in rooms such that the enrollment maximums can be accommodated in order to maintain a physical distance of 2 meters between students and instructors. 

Most of the classrooms are in buildings that have larger lecture-style rooms with fixed, tiered seating.  This will accommodate both medium and larger classes, while maintaining appropriate physical distancing and avoid any crowding.

Departments/instructors whose courses have been roomed in one of these classrooms should contact the Registrar if they have any questions about their assigned spaces for the fall.

The safe work plans for each of these classrooms are now available, including the general safety protocols and seating charts.  Classroom Ambassadors will be assigned to help manage the use of these facilities, including entry/exit and high-touch cleaning.  Instructors and students are encouraged to review plans for those rooms where their courses have been booked prior to the start of classes.  

Unit managed classrooms

For those f2f courses where units are using their own general classroom spaces that are not centrally booked, the Specialized SWP needs to be completed by the unit.  This is to ensure that safety protocols are established for managing access to the room (i.e. locking and unlocking doors) and cleaning schedules, as well as developing seating charts and installing appropriate signage. 

Please contact ohs@uvic.ca to ensure the space can accommodate the expected enrollment in order to maintain 2 meter physical distancing, and to assist with your plan development.

Specialized classroom facilities

Teaching labs, computer labs, art studios, theatre and music facilities, and other specialized classroom facilities are required to develop Specialized safe work plans (SWP’s) for their approved f2f courses.  These areas and teaching activities are significantly more complex and specialized than a general classroom and require unique safety protocols.

OHSE has contacted all affected units to assist them in developing these plans.  If the unit or instructor has not yet started to draft a plan, please contact ohs@uvic.ca as soon as possible.

Note: these plans take a significant amount of time to develop so please do not delay.  OHSE can assist you with your plan and help to implement the safety protocols for your facility so that it is ready for the fall.