Innovative UVic research gets a boost


UVic researchers are supported by CFI Innovation Fund.
UVic researchers are supported by CFI Innovation Fund.

From testing environmental stresses on plants to understanding mysteries of the universe, five University of Victoria (UVic) research projects received infrastructure support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Transport and Québec Lieutenant, announced today $515 million for 100 projects at 32 postsecondary institutions and research hospitals, funded through the CFI Innovation Fund that will help Canada remain at the forefront of scientific exploration, technology development and knowledge generation.

“The support of the Canada Foundation for Innovation is a strong signal of the importance of UVic research to national and international efforts to generate new fundamental knowledge, address human and planetary impacts of climate change and improve health. I’m proud of our researchers’ outstanding innovation and collaborations.”

- Lisa Kalynchuk, vice-president of research and innovation at UVic

UVic scholars are leading two projects funded through CFI’s Innovation Fund for a combined $7.6 million.

  • Jürgen Ehlting, Peter Constabel, “Environmental Simulation Facility for Climate Impact Research on Plant Health” $1.25 million
    In a unique partnership of academic researchers, provincial and federal governments, 17 customized environmental chambers will test the effects of multiple environmental stresses on agricultural and forest plants and identify mechanisms behind the plants’ responses and adaptations to climate extremes.
  • Mark Hartz, Dean Karlen, “Water Cherenkov Calibration for Hyper Kamiokande” $6.36 million
    New precision calibration systems using high-resolution single-photon light detectors will ensure the accuracy of measurements as an international team of scientists seek to learn more about the evolution of the universe.

UVic researchers are also collaborating on an additional three projects aligned with the university’s expertise in climate and health.

  • Julia Baum, Amanda Bates, “Ecocosms and Mesocosms jointly Predict Ocean Weather and Ecological Response (EMPOWER)”
  • Jennifer Cobb, “TRAC: Targeting Repair in Aging and Cancer”
  • Colin Goldblatt, “The HAWC satellite mission: High-altitude Aerosols, Water vapour, and Clouds”

The funded initiatives reflect UVic’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals focused on zero hunger, good health, clean water and sanitation, and climate action. Read more about our impact.

Read more about the UVic-led projects.

Read the Government of Canada news release.


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