The TA conferences are designed to help develop and improve teaching skills. Experienced UVic TAs, Teaching Assistant Consultants (TACs) and faculty are invited to present workshops covering a wide spectrum of topics.

The conference is typically divided into three pillars: the first caters to new TAs, the second to experienced TAs, and the third to international TAs. All workshops are open to anyone who wishes to attend.

The conferences are a great opportunity to share ideas and experiences with graduate students in other faculties, as well as for professional and personal development.

The conferences are free for all graduate students, new and returning teaching and academic assistants and instructors, although pre-registration is required.

This is the first time I have attended the conference, and I think that these workshops not only represent an excellent way of introducing TA'ing in the Canadian academic environment to new graduate students, but they also provide more experienced TAs with the opportunity to learn new things and share useful teaching experiences. Please forward my sincere congratulations on the project to the entire Learning and Teaching Centre at UVic!

Ioana Sevcenco
conference participant

I hope that my posts share some of the lessons I learned, communicates some of the fun I had, and conveys my enthusiasm for both learning and spending time with other people who care about engaging to the best of their abilities with students. I had a really great time at the conference this year.

Heike Lettrari (Heike's blog)
MA Candidate in the School of Environmental Studies