Time Management Certificate

Welcome to the Time Management for Graduate Students Online Module

Developed by the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC and made available to you by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

In this module you will do a combination of activities while viewing the online module.  The online module is a combination of a videotaping of a live workshop with graduate students that took place at the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation and instructional slides.

Despite the PowerPoint slides being clear on the video, you can also access the slides and view alongside the online module. Before beginning, make sure you have enough paper and writing tools for the activities and that you have downloaded and/or printed the module activity sheets.

You can work on this module on your own but since there are questions and opportunities to discuss, consider arranging to complete the module with a colleague. You will need about 90 minutes to complete the module. Upon completion you can move towards applying for the Time Management Certificate. See instructions below.

We gratefully thank Karoline Guelke (Anthropology), Jana Millar Usiskin (English), and Geoff Morris (Biology) for developing the PowerPoint slides and facilitating the workshop, and the graduate student workshop participants for their valuable contributions.

Access the Online Module from UVic’s YouTube website.

Supplementary materials for online module

PowerPoint slides

Calendar template

20 ways to motivate yourself

Time Management Certificate

Requirements for Certificate:

1. View Time Management online module or attend time management workshop at TA Conference or at the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation and complete activity sheets.

2. Pick out one major task to work on that is either teaching- or research-based.

3. Try out each method (Priortizing, ABCDE, and Covey’s Quadrants).

4. After completion of all tasks, .

a. All activity sheets completed during module or in workshop

b. Documents showing each method of time management tried

c. 3-page reflective writing piece that:

- Provides information about the time management project you chose to work on.  Give as much context as possible.

- Compare and contrast how each time management method worked for this project.

- What adjustments did you make to the methods, if any?

- What did you learn about your personal work rhythm?

- Did you discover something else that worked for you in your time management?

- What did you learn from the whole process and what will you continue to do going forward?

Once successfully assessed, you will be awarded the Time Management Certificate.