Beckwith, Juliet

Project title: The Future of Victoria’s Food Supply

Department: Gender Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Sikata Banerjee

"My research will be investigating sustainable and ethical alternatives to Victoria’s industrialized food system. In the wake of COVID-19 and climate change, food availability and the ethics of our food system are becoming ever more pressing issues. Through my research, I hope to investigate alternatives to our current food system that reduce emissions, increase the wellbeing of workers, and engage the local community.

This project will consist of two components, the first of which will be a personal food tracking project. Over the course of a short set period, I plan to record the food that I eat and investigate the emissions and gendered labour that I rely upon to consume said food. This would include transportation emissions, emissions of farming and monoculture, and humanitarian costs of a globalized system. I will also look at how my gender, race, and class enable me to benefit from these systems. The second component of my project will be a review and call to action for myself and my community members. I hope to do this by exploring food alternatives that minimize emissions and labour dependency, while increasing food availability for marginalized groups in Victoria.

As climate change and COVID-19 present increasing threats to imported food on Vancouver Island, alternative foodways and self-sustenance are becoming vital avenues to explore. Through this research, I hope to show others that there are viable and sustainable alternatives to Victoria’s industrialized food system."