TA management

Before the course begins

Before the course begins, duties and responsibilities need to be clear.

  • Be as detailed as possible. It may be second nature to you, but TAs often don't know to approach grading. Providing marking keys and rubrics are excellent, but a new TA may need some guidance and examples to help him or her understand your expectations.
  • Refer to the TA responsibilities checklist.  Please use this checklist as a guide to address what TAs probably want to ask but don't want to appear naive.
  • Encourage attendance at workshops and programs. The Learning and Teaching Centre offers educational sessions that are very helpful for TAs. Discussing the importance of professional development will highlight how important the TA role is on campus.

During the course

During the course, provide support and stay in contact.

  • Check in with your TA frequently to ensure that they feel confident with their work and to provide opportunities for them to raise questions or concerns.
  • Offer to conduct a teaching observation. You could observe his or her interactions with students, whether in a classroom or a lab. The Learning and Teaching Centre has many resources on how to approach teaching observations. Please do not hesitate to ask for guidelines and suggestions.
  • Encourage the TA to request feedback from students. Mid-term feedback will help TAs reflect on what they are doing in the classroom. Please provide a copy of the Learning and Teaching Centre’s Formative Feedback for Teaching Assistants (TAs), which contains many useful ideas.

After the course

After the course, review the course and provide feedback

  • Provide the TA with some constructive feedback about his or her performance as a TA. Not all departments incorporate feedback for TAs into their program, and therefore any feedback will be extremely helpful for future appointments.
  • We suggest providing positive feedback first so that the TA understands what worked well, then some constructive guidance as to what to work on and where to access resources to help in that area. Then close with another positive attribute of the TA as a teacher.

, Learning and Teaching Centre Professional Development Program and TA Training Manager, has many resources and handouts that can assist TAs with their duties.

Please do not hesitate to refer your TA to  at 250-472-4798 for information, program schedules, or workshop listings.