Course syllabus

The best course syllabus will inform students what they are expected to learn by the end of the course. To help you with your syllabus design, please refer to the Syllabus Guidelines document.

A syllabus can be displayed graphically. It displays how concepts in the course interrelate and build on one another, and shows the “flow” of the course. An example of a graphic syllabus, created by Dr. Marty Wall for a first-year Psychology class, demonstrates this style of syllabus.

Your syllabus should include a statement regarding accessibility and another about academic integrity.

We are always happy to provide feedback on your syllabus in a one-on-one consultation or consider attending one of our workshops about syllabus design.

In addition, please note that there are minimal university requirements for your syllabus. Please see the section named “Course Outline Requirement” in the Calendar for more information.