Tia's Advice: Visiting the US

UVic Global Community Newsletter: March 19, 2018

Tia's Advice is a section of the UVic Global Community Newsletter that includes valuable information and important dates for undergraduate and graduate international students in the following categories: degree-seeking, incoming exchange and incoming study abroad/visiting.

What do I need to enter the US for a temporary visit?

Generally, a citizen of another country who wishes to enter the United States (US) for a temporary visit must first obtain a nonimmigrant visa.

To qualify for a nonimmigrant visa, you must prove:

  • you intend to enter the US for only a temporary visit
  • you have the financial ability to pay for your temporary visit
  • you have a residence outside the US that you do not intend to abandon

To apply for a nonimmigrant visa, you must:

  • complete the online application form (DS-160)
  • pay the application processing fee
  • schedule a visa interview appointment at the nearest US Consular Office
  • attend the visa interview appointment with your required documents

Citizens of certain countries may be able to enter the US for a temporary visit without a nonimmigrant visa if they meet the requirements for visa-free travel.

Citizens of certain other countries are subject to travel restrictions. These restrictions sometimes change without warning, so we strongly recommend reviewing advisories on the Department of State's website before travelling to or through the US.

Where can I find more information?

Learn more about nonimmigrant visas.

Learn more about visa-free travel and the Visa Waiver Program.

Review the latest travel restriction advisory.

Learn more about what to expect at the US border.

On March 29, the International Student Services (ISS) team will host a US Visa Information Session for UVic students. Representatives of the US Consulate General Vancouver will be available to answer your questions about entry requirements.

What do I need to enter other countries for a temporary visit?

If you plan to visit other countries during your time at UVic, please contact that country's nearest Consular Office for instructions.

More helpful information for international students is available on our website. Please visit or contact the International Student Centre (ISC) if you can't find answers to your questions.

Important Dates

March 19: Course registration for summer session begins. Check your registration date and time on UVic My Page in the Student Services section under the Registration tab.

March 30: Good Friday. This is a statutory holiday, so classes will be cancelled and UVic services will be closed.

April 1: April Fool's Day.

April 2: Easter Monday. This is a statutory holiday, so classes will be cancelled and UVic services will be closed.

April 6: Last day of second term classes for all Faculties.

April 9: Second term exams begin for all Faculties.

April 24: U-Pass privileges begin for summer session.*

April 24: Last day of second term exams for all Faculties.

* Incoming exchange students do not automatically receive U-Pass privileges but can opt in by purchasing a UVSS or GSS membership package.

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