Industrial ecology

Strategies for a Sustainable Planet

UVic’s Industrial Ecology program teaches sustainable solutions to societies’ toughest environmental challenges 

Discussing global environmental challenges

The industrial ecology program welcomes students from a diversity of backgrounds.

Sustainable cities

Urban metabolism and sustainable cities is one of the core courses in the Industrial Ecology program. 

Renewable energy

Our faculty represent disciplines that are critical to the study of Industrial Ecology, such as climate, infrastructure, business and energy systems.

UVic’s one-year Master of Engineering in Industrial Ecology is aimed at students who want to develop sustainable solutions to societies’ greatest environmental challenges. Industrial ecology is an applied science, which provides knowledge and methods for addressing climate change, ecosystem degradation and other stresses on our planet.

Students study energy and material use at various scales, from simple products and industries to cities and entire economies.  The program  provides a deeper understanding of the complexities of sustainable development, including the influences of economic, political and regulatory factors.

Our program equips students with skills to develop technological systems that support human well-being, while dramatically reducing impacts on the environment.