Ideafest 2020

Where are the women composers?


MacLaurin Building (MAC)Room B037

March 4

12:30pm – 2:20pm

Where are the women composers?

Even in 2020 there are significant challenges and barriers to women who are composing music. How did a patriarchal concept of art music routinely ignore historical and contemporary achievements by women in the classical music industry? Through performances of four solo flute works by female composers and a discussion with the performers and scholars, this session will explore the reasons why female composers have been excluded, ignored or sidelined. 

Presenters: Suzanne Snizek (School of Music); Sikata Banerjee (Department of Gender Studies); Emily Morse, Lisa Matsugu, Charlie Mason and Rhiannon Jones (flute students, School of Music)

Organized by: School of Music

All events are free, registration is not required unless otherwise stated.