Ideafest 2020

The digital apocalypse and the antique data roadshow

The digital apocalypse and the antique data roadshow

Technologies evolve. Data decay. How much outdated technology is in your closet or on your computer? Explore the precarity of digital products and the task of preserving your digital history through a series of four short talks from UVic’s digital preservation experts. Then stay on for the Antique Data Roadshow, where you can consult an expert on the digital technologies you’re using and how best to protect your data, from family photos to research projects.

Presenters: Greg Newton and Stewart Arneil (Humanities Computing and Media Centre); Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins (Department of Linguistics); John Durno (Libraries) and Janelle Jenstad (Department of English)

Organized by: Humanities Computing and Media Centre

All events are free, registration is not required unless otherwise stated.