Ideafest 2020

Serious comics


Clearihue Building (CLE)Room A206

March 2

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Serious comics

Graphic literature has developed in many different directions, but the use of it for serious themes and even “comics journalism” are among the most fascinating. Our panel of humanities scholars and students will present brief slide talks encapsulating what they have learned in reading, researching and teaching some of these graphic works. Explore what happens when contemporary "comics" get serious. 

Host: Sheila Rabillard (Department of English)

Presenters: Christopher Douglas and Alana Sayers (Department of English), Marina Bettaglio (Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies) and Hélène Cazes (Department of French)

Organized by: Department of English

All events are free, registration is not required unless otherwise stated.