Faculty awards and grants

Name Award Year Project title
Dr. Martin Adam UVic Internal Research Grant 2015-16 Pedagogy and Experience in Modern Tibetan Institutions of Higher Learning
Dr. Hiroko Noro Japan Foundation Local Grant 2015-16 Voices of Kakehashi in Multicultural Canada: Japanese Language Education as Intercultural Education

Dr. Cody Poulton

Short non-fiction prize from Writers in Kyoto for “Palm-of-the-hand story: The Blue General”  and inclusion in the 2017 Writers in Kyoto Anthology.


Dr. Cody Poulton Visiting Professor, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives 2017-18
Ms. Karen Tang Teaching Professor Scholarship Fund, UVic 2015
Dr. Jun Tian Teaching Professor Scholarship Fund, UVic 2015
Dr. Martin Adam SSHRC 2010-13 Hierarchy and Equality in Early Buddhist Ethics
Dr. Andrew Marton (jointly with M. L. Tang) National Science Foundation of China 2010-13 Reconceptualising Rural Urban Transition in China’s Lower Yangzi Delta
Dr. Richard King UVic Internal SSHRC grant 2010
Dr. Tsung-Cheng Lin SSHRC IRG Research Grant 2009-12