Department policies

The Department of Pacific and Asian Studies is committed to promoting, providing and protecting a positive and supportive learning environment for our students as the University’s policies indicate. These policies are described in the University Calendar. All students are advised to read the section on "Undergraduate Academic Regulations".

The Department has an academic integrity policy. We uphold and enforce the University’s policy on Academic Integrity. The policy is described on the current University Calendar. All students are advised to read the section.

The Department also has an equity committee. If you have any concerns about equity, human rights, fairness, or any concerns at all about your experience in our department, you have a resource in our department's equity committee. The committee is formed of two professors and two students. You can submit queries or concerns anonymously, or you can contact a representative—either a student or a professor—to talk about your concerns. We treat all queries in confidence. Please contact our department at 250-721-7477 or to get the names of this year's representatives.