Dr. Catherine Harding

Dr. Catherine Harding
Associate Professor
Art History & Visual Studies

PhD (University of London, University College)

Office: FA 138

After training at University College London, Catherine taught medieval art and architecture at McGill University as a Visiting Assistant Professor. She taught at Queen’s University until 1992, contributing to the Queen’s University Summer School in Venice, as well as courses in medieval and Renaissance art. She moved to the University of Victoria in 1992, and has taught courses in Medieval Studies, as well as late medieval and early Renaissance art and architecture.

Catherine enjoys the interdisciplinary partnership in the Medieval Studies programme at U.Vic. She has published some of the materials relating to mosaic production in the rich archive of the Opera del Duomo at Orvieto Cathedral, as well as several articles on the tradition of façade mosaic decoration in Italian churches. Her article on the cosmographical drawings of Opicinus de Canistris was published in the Zeitschrift fuer Kunstgeschichte. She has published articles on text-image relations in the work of Brunetto Latini, Francesco da Barberino and Marino Sanudo/ Fra Paolino of Venice. She remains fascinated by illustrated encyclopedic texts from late medieval Italy, in public and private contexts, such as Florence, Venice, Padua and Foligno, in light of understanding how systems of power and knowledge operated to shape and define audiences, patrons, and artists.