Dr. Kristin Semmens

Dr. Kristin Semmens
Associate Teaching Professor
Office: Cle B204

BA (UBC), MA (UVic), PhD (Cambridge)

Area of expertise

European History, German History, Holocaust History, Tourism History, Public History

Office Hours

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Before becoming an Assistant Teaching Professor in the History Department, I studied at the University of British Columbia (BA Honours in History), the University of Victoria (MA in History) and the University of Cambridge, UK (PhD in History).

I specialize in German history over the 20th century, with special interest and expertise in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. My book, Seeing Hitler’s Germany: Tourism in the Third Reich, offers an in depth look at state-run and commercial tourism under the Nazi regime. I also teach classes in public history: how we learn about the past outside academia, whether it be in museums, historical fiction or even video games.

I was honoured to be the recipient of UVic’s 2013 Gilian Sherwin Award, UVic’s 2020 Faculty of Humanities Award for Teaching Excellence and the Canadian Historical Association’s inaugural Excellence in Teaching with Primary Sources Award in 2020. I am also a five-time winner of the UVic History Department’s “Most Valuable Professor” Award. Currently, I am working on a book manuscript entitled Nazi Germany in Focus, a short introduction to the Third Reich intended for undergraduates and university instructors.

Selected publications


 "A Holiday from the Nazis? Everyday Tourism in the Third Reich", in Lisa Pine (ed). Life and Times in Nazi Germany (Palgrave Macmillan: 2016).

"'Tourism and autarky are conceptually incompatible': international tourism conferences in the Third Reich", in Eric Zuelow (ed). Touring beyond the Nation: A Transnational Approach to European Tourism (Ashgate: 2011).

Seeing Hitler's Germany: Tourism in the Third Reich (Palgrave Macmillan: 2005).


HSTR 115 The Second World War
HSTR 240A Europe, Renaissance to the French Revolution
HSTR 240B Europe, Napoleon to the European Union
HSTR 344B Europe Between Two World Wars
HSTR 350B Weimar and Nazi Germany
HSTR 450 The Holocaust
HSTR 515A Public History
GMST 580 Introduction to Holocaust Studies