Project researchers

Below is a listing of project researchers or Principal Investigators (PIs), the department with which they are associated, and their project(s) (links to project sites are provided if available). You can find a complete listing of all projects (current and legacy) on our main projects page.

Principal Investigator Department Project(s)
Trish Baer Medieval Studies MyNDIR (My Norse Digital Image Repository) 
Corinne Bancroft English Braided Narratives
G. Kim Blank  English

Mapping Keats's Progress

Encyclopedia Britannica 1911

Alison Chapman English

DVPP (Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry) 

Zhongping Chen History Everyday Racism
Jason Colby History Devilfish
Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins Indigenous Education

Nxaʔamxcín (Moses) Dictionary

Simon Devereaux


Capital Trials at the Old Bailey Courthouse

Patrick A. Dunae


Vancouver Island Historical Censuses
Elizabeth Grove-White

European Studies

Diary of Robert Graves

Janelle Jenstad


LEMDO (Linked Early Modern Drama Online)

MoEML (Map of Early Modern London)

Jim Kempling


Canadian Great War Project

Megan Lukaniec

Indigenous Studies


John Lutz


Colonial Despatches

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History

Pia Russell


BC Historical Textbooks
Charlotte Schallié

Germanic and Slavic Studies

Genocide Education
Alejandro Sinner

Greek and Roman Studies

Mediterranean Connectivity in the Roman West
Jordan Stanger-Ross


Landscapes of Injustice

Past Wrongs, Future Choices

Helga Thorson

Germanic and Slavic Studies

Adrienne Williams Boyarin


MAJW (Medieval Anglo-Jewish Women)