Project proposal form

Use the list of elements below to guide you in completing a project proposal. Small and medium scale projects may not require a formal proposal document but relevant items (typically overview, scope, risks, labour) should be documented in an email or blog post. 

We recommend that you meet with one of our developers, who will help you.

If you're proposing a large project, all the elements need to be addressed fully. The purpose of any proposal document (especially the form) is for the HCMC and the Digital Humanities committee to collect accurate, concise information about your proposed project so that we can provide the best support possible.

We use the objectives, scope, constraints, type-of-project and benefits-to-others fields to ensure your project is consistent with our mandate and strategic objectives; we use the time-line, resource, labour and financing fields to ensure the proposal is feasible.

The form is available as a text file (.txt), or an MSWord file (.docx).

Information to include in a project proposal

Identify project

Project title :

Contact name, email, department and position (post-doc, professor, emeritus etc.) :

Nature of project

Overview :

Scope :

Time line :

Constraints, Risks :

Type of Project : pilot/prototype/proof-of-concept OR stand-alone project (development / restricted use) OR stand-alone project (production / general use) OR component of larger project OR other

Benefits to others :

Implementation of project

Resources provided by project :

Resources requested of HCMC :

Labour provided by project :

Labour requested of HCMC :

Financing : None OR details on one of: seeks internal funding OR has internal funding OR seeks external grant funding OR has external grant funding


Context :

Additional information :

Supporting documents :

Help on completing the project proposal

Help with identifying your project
Project Title

This field is for one line which captures the essence of your project and distinguishes it from other projects.

Examples: The Literary Map of Early Modern London, VIHistory, Le Mariage Sous L'Ancien Régime

Name, email, department and status

This field is for the name, email, department and status of the principal UVic proponent. If there is more than one proponent, include additional proponent's name and department in the 'Other Notes' field at the bottom of the form.

For any proponent not from UVic, include an institutional affiliation. HCMC will use the email address as the point of contact with the proponent(s).

Help on describing the nature of your project

The overview field is for a paragraph describing the top-level objectives and anticipated impacts. Issues to consider:

  • Is the site primarily instructional or research?
  • What is the relative importance of process and product?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What benefits will the audience obtain?

This field is for a top-level description of how you intend to achieve the objectives and impacts mentioned in the overview. It should include

  • the scale of the project and
  • the amount and type of work involved to reach the objectives
    • ideally broken down into manageable blocks based on who is doing the work and the amount of work involved and a plan for ongoing maintenance of the material once the initial project is completed.

The timeline field is for a description of when you intend to do the work:

  • the projected start date
  • end date and
  • major milestones.

Each stage in the timeline should be no more than 1 term in duration and should include estimated numbers of hours to be worked.

Fixed dates (e.g. mandated by granting agencies, intended conference presentations or publications deadlines) should be indicated.

Constraints / Risks

The constraints / risks field is for a listing of things that a reasonable person might expect may not go to plan

  • dependence on third parties for data, equipment or financing; need to hire highly specialized skills; translation; highly exploratory work; untested technologies; copyright or other contractual/legal issues).
This section should include a description of each such risk, a rough estimate of the likelihood of this risk occuring and a rough estimate of the consequences.

For example: The project relies on obtaining permission to use 100 images from publisher X. We've obtained permission for similar images before, so I estimate a 5% chance we'll be unable to get such permission in time. If we don't then the image gallery feature is useless, but the text-based features are unaffected.

Type of Project

Please select the item in the list that most closely describes your project. If you select prototype or part of larger project, please include a brief description of the larger project. If you select standalone for restricted audience, include a description of who the restricted audience is.

Benefits to Others

This field is for a description of the likelihood that work or resources in this project can be repurposed, reused or reapplied to other projects outside the project's initial objectives.

For example:

  • a dataset that is accessible to researchers in other fields or for teaching
  • a software suite, library or tool that is available to others or easily modified for use by others
  • equipment that will remain in the HCMC for use by others
  • a process or approach with likely application to other domains.
Help on describing the implementation of your project
Resources Provided by Project

This field is for a description of what resources the project is committing to the project. Resources could include data, hardware, software, equipment, furniture. Labour and money are dealt with separately below.

The description should describe any ways in which deploying the resource may affect HCMC operations (e.g. consume space in HCMC or require special access or security treatments).

Example: The project will provide a scanner and two data entry computers with appropriate software as agreed with HCMC. These will be housed permanently in the HCMC and available to other projects when not in use for the proposed project.

Resources Requested of HCMC

This field is for a description of resources currently in the HCMC (or that the proponent wishes the HCMC to provide) that the project expects to use, and the terms of that use.

Resources could include data, hardware, software, equipment, furniture, space, network connectivity. Labour and Money are dealt with separately below.

Example: The project has 500 large images which are to be stored and edited in the HCMC. The project requires the HCMC to provide two access to 2 computers for 20 hours per week each for four months.

Labour provided by project

This field is for a description of what commitments of time and input you (the proponents) are making for yourself, collaborators, assistants or contractors you intend to hire. It should include a description of all non-HCMC project participants (or roles) and identify those that will be working in the HCMC, or remotely with HCMC staff.

You might also include further details on when in the overall project each person would be doing their work, if that's not obvious from the timeline section.

HCMC Labour

This field is for a description of the labour to be provided by HCMC staff. Include further details on when in the overall project the HCMC labour is required, if that's not obvious from the timeline section.

Examples: HCMC staff will manage the project. HCMC staff will design and create a relational database. HCMC staff will provide technical consultation to a contractor to create the web-site that searches the database and reports results. HCMC staff will train research assistants in technology X. HCMC will work with UVic system administrators to deploy a server provided by the project.


Please select the item(s) in the list that most accurately describes your situation.

Please provide supporting information such a description of the source(s) of financing for the project, the amount of money from each source, the degree of certainty of obtaining that financing and when the money will be available.

If your project is funded by grants, you are expected to provide some money or other financial consideration to the HCMC to help cover the costs of the shared research facility administered by the HCMC or to cover costs of conference presentations associated with your project by HCMC staff.

The amount is based on the scale of the project and the propotion of the work dependent on HCMC resources and labour. It is not intended to recover the full cost of services and resources provided by the HCMC. Please indicate what sum of money the project will transfer to the HCMC.


This field is for any further notes or comments that would help us determine how to best support your proposal within the constraints we face. If you have other supporting documents (grant proposals, approvals, letters of support from other stakeholders) please indicate so here. If we need to see those, we'll ask you for them.