Dr. Peter Gölz

Dr. Peter Gölz
Associate Professor
Germanic and Slavic Studies
Office: CLE D263

PhD (Queens)

Area of expertise

Germanic Studies, German Literature, Technology-enhanced Language Learning, Vampire Studies

After studying for my undergraduate degrees in Germany (U of Mannheim) and England (U of Sussex), I completed my MA at the University of Waterloo (on Lou Andreas-Salomé) and my PhD at Queen’s (on Adolf Muschg). I came to UVic in 1992 and now I am the only member of the Department who was hired in the last century.  

My first publications were on German literature. In the mid-90s,  my research interests shifted in light of the digital revolution. I published on cyberpunk and then focused on the web as a teaching tool. With the help of UVic’s Innovation and Development Corporation, I founded HyperEdvantage Language Service and its website, germanfortravellers.

My most recent ‘academic turn’ took place in the early 2000s, when I started to get more serious about the study of vampires as a cultural phenomenon. I published an article on Buffy and Dracula and on Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire and Dennis Gansel's We Are the Night. I am also interested in humour studies and I published on Dani Levy's Mein Führer.

I have been active in the Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (CAUTG), as webmaster, editor of the Bulletin and Directory, Regional Rep for BC and Alberta, and as Vice-President and President (2007-10). In 2008, I received the University of Waterloo Arts in Academia Award for outstanding contribution to academics. I was Chair of the Department from 2002 until 2013 and Acting Associate Dean Academic in 2016.

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November 18, 2019. Introduction to Gundermann. UVic, Cinecenta.

February 6, 2019. Introduction to Adam and Evelyn. Victoria International Film Festival.

October 8, 2017. “Postcards from the Undead”. German Studies Association. Atlanta Georgia.

October 27 and 28, 2017. “Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Fact and Fiction.” Invited lectures for Ballet Victoria’s performance of Dracula.

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October 27, 2016. “Introduction.” Special Event: The Golem or How He Came Into the World. Screening with Live Music. Cinecenta, UVic. (See also: Ogden, Alistair. “Cinecenta brings The Golem—and silent film—back to life.” Martlet. October 20, 2016.)

November 26, 2016. “The Application of Film at All Levels of Language Instruction.” Workshop for the DAAD Fortbildungsseminar „Neue Ansätze und Konzepte im Deutschunterricht.“ University of Victoria. Presented with Anna Jäsche. 

April 1, 2015. Session Chair. “Identity: Peter Fox and Afro-Caribbean Culture, the Grimm Brothers and Identity, and Kafka’s 'Josephine' and Animal Rights." Popular Culture Association Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA.

April 1, 2015. "Fangs of Desire". Popular Culture Association Conference, New Orleans.

March 29, 2012. “Bela Meets Bella – A Short History of Vampires on Film.” In Pursuit of Knowledge Lecture Series. UVic. 

April 5, 2011. "The Most Magical Mountain? The Wall of Death – Nordwand." Deutscher Abend an der Uni.

April 6, 2010. “Margarethe von Trotta’s Promise.” Deutscher Abend an der Uni, UVic.

Oct. 30. 2009. “Vampire Science / Fiction: Folklore, Film, and Photochemistry.” Presented with Jay T. Cullen. Fireside Chats Lecture Series, UVic.

October 9, 2009.  German Studies in the Great White North.  German Studies Association, Washington, DC.

July 31, 2009. “The Blue Angel’sSound of Music.” invited lecture, MusicFest Vancouver.

February 22, 2009. “Zur technischen Integration von Spielfilmen in den Unterricht.” CATG Jahrestagung. Vancouver.

September 24, 2008. “Sucking on Celluloid: Vampires on Film.” University of Waterloo.

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October 31 2007. “Vampires Don’t Suck: A Cinematic History of the 20th Century’s Most Popular Myth.” Invited lecture. Ziegler Visiting Speakers Series. UBC, Green College. Vancouver.

May 27 2007. “To laugh or not to laugh: New German Humour.” CAUTG Annual Meeting. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

Oct. 13 2006 “A Symphony of Horror, Desire, and Disgust. Murnau’s Modern Masterpiece.” Invited pre-concert lecture, Victoria Symphony, Victoria. 

Aug. 25, 2006 “Fear and Laughing in Sunnydale: Buffy vs Dracula.” Gender Laughter Media Conference, Kamloops.